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Window Washing

   Services that can be done are:

  • Washing the inside, outside and storms of your windows

  • Washing just the inside and outside of your windows

  • Washing just the inside only or just the outside only

  • Screens

  • Picture Windows

  • French Doors 

  • Skylights

Water Fed Pole 


The water fed pole uses pure water also known as deionized water in which the minerals are removed resulting in a streak free shine. Pure water works because tap water contains alot of dissolved solids held in suspension with the water.  When the water is purified minerals are removed but the water wants to go back to its natural state. Therefore it attracts the dirt from the window.  Using a water fed pole eliminates the need for ladders; therefore ,windows can be cleaned in a safer, more efficient manner without the use of chemicals.  Only deionized water and an irrigated pole. 

Glass Shower Hard Water Stain Removal 


Does your glass shower look like the one on the left? Are you thinking that you would have to replace the glass? Typically the stains can be removed in most cases wihtout damage to the glass so that it looks like the picture to the right.



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