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About Us

Serving Fairfield County Since 1989


I started David's Window Cleaning 30+ years ago with the goal to deliver the highest quality customer service available. This is a small company as it is only myself and my helpers during the summer months.  Every job that is scheduled for the day you will see me at, as I do not drop off a crew to clean your windows.  As I take the house we are at the most important job at the time.  I find it that this is the best way to control the quality of the work we produce. Just because we are a small business does not mean we can not handle larger homes.  No matter if it is a small condo or a 25,00 sqft mansion they are all equally as important to me.  

Even though a majority of my clientele is in Fairfield County, I have traveled to other locations to do jobs before.  I have been to Chappaqua, New York multiple times to wash the windows on a long time customers home.  I have also traveled to Martha's Vineyard to clean the windows on my customers vacation home.  And other locations as well.  

I believe in forming longterm relationships with my customers, as I have been over the past 30 years of business.  As for some customers I have watched their children grow from toddlers to adults who are starting families of their own.  My customers and their level of satisfaction is very important to me.  I always try to accommodate any request that my customers may have.  If I can accomplish the request then it gets done, as I am a believer in saying yes. However, if I can not accomplish the task or if the request is unsafe I will be honest and tell you it can not be done.  

"I expected to have a thorough and complete window cleaning. I got that and more. I can't believe 
how clean the windows are and I was thrilled at the professionalism of Dave *******. Dave, you can 
count on visiting our home twice a year. Thanks for a great job."


A Customer from Angie's List

"David has cleaned our windows for over 15 years. Very professional. Clean, quiet, and competent"


A Longtime Customer of David's Window Cleaning 

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